World Tour by L.V. Lewis

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I love a rock star romance and I love one with a stalker even more. I know, it is terrible, but it also make for an exhilarating read. L.V. Lewis definitely delivered that. This is my first novel form the author and after I read the blurb that i was sent, I KNEW I was going to love it.

I wasn't wrong.

Brody and Sky have a love worth fighting for. Brody has overcome a lot in the last few years and he is happy and completely in love with Sky. He is also going to be back in the spotlight even if for one a song. This not only throw his life a curve ball, but test his strength.

Throw in a new stalker now that he has come back from the shadows and his life returns to chaos he wanted to avoid. All he wants to do is love Sky and see her succeed.

As they both grapple with this change in their life and battle this fear, curve balls come from all directions leaving them with secrets and doubt. In the end it is the truth that sets them free and laves them with a future to fight for. I LOVED how the book ended and it definitely made me want to go read the first book in the series. To see more from this author. If you love a good rockstar read with a few twists, than you will enjoy this one!


Brody Kent retired from music after the death of his girlfriend during the heyday of his rock band, The Savages. Now, he’s persuaded to take his alter-ego Savage Saban back into the limelight in front of a different audience. Brody’s new girlfriend, pop icon Skylar Samuelson is preparing for the domestic part of her World Tour, where together they hope to merge their fan bases. Grappling with the fame that his notoriety brings once again, Brody reluctantly takes the stage. On his first night performing he returns to his dressing room to find a message written in red lipstick on his mirror. Could Kimberly Heart, his dead ex-girlfriend, really have written it? Blotting out the possibility, Brody continues with the tour, but his relationship with Sky begins to suffer as his old band members turn up at the fourth concert and criticize him for selling out. And then he receives another, chilling message. As Brody’s life and relationship with Sky begins to implode, he finds himself pushed to the very brink by someone he never expected. He now stands to lose everything he holds dear. Is there any way back for Brody and Sky?