Writing this Blog

images Yeah. You read that right Writing a Blog. It is hard. I didn't know this jumping into it. I honestly thought I would just sit and write what I thought about a book and BANG instant awesome. Not so easy. After jumping into the Literary World I quickly discovered that writing a two sentence review saying I liked the book and it was great, just wasn't enough. Authors and other potential readers wanted to know how much we loved the book. They wanted to know what about the book we loved. Was the writing good? Was the storyline predictable? Did it hold your attention? What about humor? Did it have a Happily Ever After? Was it a Cliffhanger? All of these things help readers decide if they want to read a book or not. I will give myself this. I am doing MUCH better compared to earlier this year when I started. In all honestly though, I know I have a WAYS to go with my blogging and reviewing. I'm working on it. I really am! Next. Facebook. By Golly Gosh Facebook-ing a blog is really hard as well! You constantly have to be watching for sales on books, and new releases. Then you need to be grabbing links and sharing them as quickly as possible so that people click the links and support these authors while also supporting you. Its a hard game. I give credit to those who get 30,000 followers so quickly. I am not so quick but this is another area I am working on. Ive gotten to 3,500 this year. *Jumps up and down* *Fistpump* Thats pretty good. Not Great. But Good. The biggest part of blogging though? Support Authors. Without them I wouldn't have a blog. They are the reason I have passion about writing. Passion about words and their meaning. They are the purpose of this blog. I want to share my feelings on their wonderful works of literature. Promo-ing is another part of blogging that I am getting used to. What posts to you promo? What authors? What Books? I have decided that some days once in a while I'll just share everything that comes my way because even if I don't find interest int he book, someone else might. That means I owe it to THAT reader to share the book that they will possibly like. Maybe even love. Like I said though. I'm learning and its fun. Stay with me. It will be worth it. Be sure to check out my Epic lists of best books below, and to take a stroll through some reviews. They are pretty great. Top 25 of 2013 Top Ten Rock Stars After Fifty Shades List Top Ten Vampires Top Ten Book Couples Megan