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As Far As We Knew by Alyssa Milani

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Scotty and Alora have a one-night stand, believing they’ll never see each other again. But as luck would have it, their friends run in the same circles. He’s a hockey player, she’s a medical student, the love story writes itself. But Alora doesn’t believe in love.
Scotty is determined to try and prove it to her. Even though she’s the most stubborn woman he’s ever met, they can’t deny the connection they have. The fate that draws them in.
On a plane to Vancouver for playoffs, something malfunctions, sending them spiraling into the dense forest in the middle of nowhere. Alora proves her worth, saving the hockey players who shame her name because she opens her legs to whoever. Scotty defends her, falling head over heels for a woman who drives him wild.
Being trapped only forces them to hash out their maybe-relationship.
Truths are unveiled.
Walls are torn down.
Hearts are exposed.
Will Scotty and Alora make it? Or will she leave him stuck in the penalty box while her heart breaks without him?

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