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Reputation: Special Edition Paperback (Tempt Series Special Edition Paperbacks) by Jenna Hartley

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Pretending to be a celebrity billionaire's fake fiancée is anything but simple, especially when the man is my boss, Nate Crawford.

He's fifteen years older than me. One of the hottest actor-producers in Hollywood.
And my childhood celebrity crush. Or at least, he used to be—before I became his daughter's nanny and realized how demanding he could be.

The only reason I haven't quit is because I adore his daughter, and I'd do anything for her.
Which is how I find myself agreeing to a fake engagement to prevent Nate’s ex-wife from gaining full custody.

But when Nate kisses me, it feels real. And the longer we pretend, the easier it is to believe it's not all just an act.
Now I'm worried his daughter’s future isn't the only thing at stake because I’m falling in love with my fake fiancé.

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