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The Wolf Prince by Roxie Ray

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It’s my destiny as wolf prince to find my mate. But what happens when she’s someone that nobody expected…I’ve lost count of the number of Lunar Mate ceremonies I’ve attended where every eye is on me. As the son of shifter royalty, I’m supposed to find a fated mate who will continue my family’s powerful legacy. But at forty years of age, everyone is starting to think that person doesn’t exist, including me.Then I experience a pull so deep and so undeniable, that when I look up and meet the eyes of a waitress, our gazes lock. Recognition sparks between us.In an instant, I’m sure. This woman is mine.I can tell my parents sense the connection, too. But judging by their expressions, they know something I don’t.Like me, they’re aware she’s special. But the fear in their eyes tells me she’s the last person on earth they want to be my mate...

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