Beyond The Book Subscription

The Beyond The Book Subscription is a brand new opportunity here at Novel Grounds! This subscription will go out monthly for the next 11 months, and will contain limited edition items as well as spoilers for our future drops!

The Subscription will include:

-A Limited Edition Postcard Print for the upcoming postcard design

-The Limited Edition Stamp Sticker

-A Bookish Patch that matches that month's trope

-A Sticker version of the bookish patch

-A Book Trope Bingo Card


-A Sample Bag of the next flavor of coffee to be coming to the Novel Grounds Store!

This subscription will ship out before our drops each month, so you will be the first to see the postcard designs and the first to know (AND TASTE) the new coffee flavor!

We are a sucker for surprises, so it's all going to be a surprise! The Flavor, The Authors, The Designs!

The only way to get these items from the store will be from the subscription or from the off chance we have a few extra to list!

Subscriptions will cost $24.99 - US Shipping Included

If you are international and want to order, we recommend using STACKRY, or a similar company. We have received a startling amount of return to sender and custom fees lately and we won't be able to accommodate that with this subscription.

First Package goes on sale November 17th. Subscription will Renew on the 15th of every month and ship after the 20th of the month.

This subscription runs from January to November 2023. The January Box ships in December.


Limited Spots Available

  • Subscriptions will renew the 15th of every Month
  • Orders placed after the 20th will ship the following month
  • Packages will ship the end of every month
  • We will not be allowing skips
  • You can cancel at anytime
  • Once your package ships, it is out of our hands. If it is lost, you will need to file a claim with USPS, once a claim is filed you can contact us by emailing and we can talk about next steps
  • If you are international, we cannot guarantee delivery dates or freshness on your coffee - you must use Stackry to order.
  • All packages will ship as a First Class Package with USPS
  • You have 24 hours if your payment is declined to update payment type.

Orders palced AFTER the 20th of the month will ship the following month






Scenario 1

April 15th


April 17th

May 15th

Scenario 2

April 15th


April 28th

June 15th

Scenario 3

April 15th


April 11th

May 15th