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Bloodties (The Foster House Legacy Series) by Teresa Crumpton

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A family secret has been revealed.During a siege on the Foster House, Alexis is locked in the attic of her family's mansion with her boyfriend, District Attorney Josh Hampton. Upon reading from a long-lost book, Alexis’ legacy is soon revealed. Her ancestors were witches––and Alexis is the last of her line.A Knight will learn his true purpose.Ex-special ops Captain, Brenton Young learns his final mission had been a set-up. Orders were changed at the last minute from an observe-only mission to a retrieval mission, which led to Brenton making a gut-wrenching decision. There was no way to win. Now, he has a chance to truly right the wrongs and take his rightful place beside the other Knights that protect Alexis from evil.An empathic law student must train.Alexis must learn how to use all of her abilities, now that they have been revealed to her. Her training won't be easy, and it could very well kill her.The Foster HouseKnight, you must save your energy. You will need it. Your friends may be lost to you, but you must fight the darkness within. Tristan poured his family’s evil into you and your friend, over there. Deep down, you know what your mission has always been. It was never to serve Tristan. Think––use the powers within you. Remember your history. Remember your true nature, your true mission.

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