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Falling Inn Love by Erin Branscom

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Cozy fall Hallmark movie vibes...

Duo POV, Sweet & Swoony Romance, Forced Proximity, Insta Love, Small Town Romance, Based in New Hampshire, Found Family, Gilmore Girl Vibes, Fall Festivals & Puppies, and Ex-Marine Cinnamon Roll Hero...

Beth is a struggling romance author who’s been trying to find her place in the world after the unbearable tragedy of losing her family. Unable to find peace other than in her writing, she ends up stranded by the side of the road in Freedom Valley, New Hampshire, where a strikingly hot, green-eyed, bearded flannel wearing innkeeper rescues her.

Evan, a former marine who took over his family’s inn after the sudden loss of his father, is struggling to keep afloat.

Running out of money, Beth agrees to help Evan run the inn in exchange for room and board, but she has no intention of staying too long and letting her guard down or anyone into her heart.

But there’s something about Beth that makes Evan believe he can be the man to give her the love that she deserves.

The more emotional walls Beth tries to put up, the harder Evan works to tear them down, using everything he can, including a pair of puppies he finds abandoned by the side of the road, to make her want to stay.

Will Evan be able to convince Beth to take a second chance at love?

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