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I Bet You by Ilsa Madden Mills

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Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills returns with an all-new swoon-fest of a novel about what happens when you look beyond labels and take a chance on love.

Sexy Athlete: I bet you…

Penelope Graham: Burn in hell, quarterback. 

The late night text is random but Penelope knows exactly who “Sexy Athlete” is. And why she shouldn't take his wager.

Ryker Voss

Football star.

Walks on water and God's gift to women.

Just ask him. 

His bet? He promises Penelope he’ll win her the heart of the guy she’s been crushing on.

His plan—good old-fashioned jealousy. Once her crush sees her kissing Ryker, he'll realize what he's missing. 

Sounds legit, right? The only question is…why is Ryker being so nice to her? 

Penelope Graham.


Lover of sparkly vampires and calculus.

His mortal enemy. 

Penelope knows she shouldn’t trust a jock, but what’s a girl to do when she needs a date? And Ryker’s keeping a secret, another bet, one that could destroy Penelope’s heart forever. 

Will the quarterback score the good girl or will his secrets mean everyone loses this game of love?

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