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In the Eyes of the Earl (Cambridge Brotherhood, 3) by Kristin Vayden

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Kristin Vayden takes you straight to the heart of Regency England in this sparking tale of an earl determined to clear his name and the lady who shows him exactly who he is…

Collin Morgan, Earl of Penderdale, has a problem. Someone is committing crimes in his name, leaving him suspended from his work in the War office.

Elizabeth Essex has a secret. She's the daughter of a well-respected professor at Cambridge University―and a professor herself. If anyone other than the few women she teaches found out, it could ruin her family's good name.

Morgan's travels to track his impersonator lead him to Cambridge, and to an old friend―Elizabeth's father. Forced into close proximity with each other, Morgan and Elizabeth's first impressions are less than friendly. But when Elizabeth's secret comes to light and Morgan's confrontation with his adversaries reaches a fever pitch, they must work together. Along the way, they might learn that what they needed most was each other.

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