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Love in Haven *SIGNED* by Julia Lauren

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A secret tore Evie and Wade apart as teens, sending their lives in separate directions. But when the paths of these star-crossed lovers intersect again, will the flames of a lost love be reignited? Years after leaving her hometown of Haven behind, Evie Goode seemed to have created the perfect life. With a successful career working alongside her two best friends, a beautiful Manhattan apartment, and a loving fiancé-she seemed to have it all, until tragedy struck. Four years after losing her fiancé, Daniel, in a terrible accident, Evie reluctantly returns to Haven a broken shell of the woman she once was. And coming home brings her face-to face with her first heartbreak, Wade Beckett. Seeing Evie again after twelve long years rocks Wade to the core. The memories of forgotten dreams, lost love, and abandonment come crashing back as he gazes upon the woman who cast their love aside when she left him behind without explanation. As Evie reacquaints herself with the town and the people she knew long ago, will the secret she has carried for years come back to haunt her, or should she risk revealing all in the hope of returning to the embrace of her first true love?

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