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Love Like No Other by Jenna Hartley

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I should be reciting my wedding vows, not hiding in the tasting room of the venue, playing truth or drink with a stranger.

But when my fiancé left me at the altar, I needed to hide.

And not just from the 500 guests we invited to this gorgeous small-town vineyard, but from the internet.

As a romance author, I've shared my love story with my readers. They're invested in my happiness. And I truly felt as if I had it all: the billionaire boyfriend, the fairy tale ending.

Then, moments before I was set to walk down the aisle, my life blew up in a spectacular way.

My solution?

Get drunk.

Have a one-night stand.

Though that one night that turned into spending my honeymoon hooking up with the hometown hottie, Liam.

A man who seems almost too good to be true.


I'm secretly falling for Penny, but she has no idea who I really am.

She came to my small town to get married and to be closer to her idol-her fellow romance author, Meghan Hart.

But when Penny's fiancé left her at the altar, she needed an escape. One I was more than willing to provide.

It was supposed to be for one night, but it turned into something more.

The problem?

I'm Meghan Hart.

Now I have to decide whether to trust Penny with my secret or let her go for good.

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