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Romancing the Werewolf: A Supernatural Society Novella by Gail Carriger

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Gay. Victorian. Werewolves. Everything you wanted from dandy shifters but were afraid to read.


Biffy, newly minted Alpha of the London Pack, is not having a good Christmas. His Beta abandoned him, his werewolves object to his curtain choices, and someone keeps leaving babies on his doorstep.


Professor Randolph Lyall returns home to London after twenty years abroad, afraid of what he might find. With his pack in chaos and his Alpha in crisis, it will take all his Beta efficiency to set everything to rights. Perhaps, in the process, he may even determine how to mend his own heart.

From the comedic mind of New York Times bestseller Gail Carriger comes a charming love story set in her popular steampunk Parasolverse. Featuring the long-awaited reunion between everyone’s favorite quietly capable Beta and the werewolf Alpha dandy who let him slip away.

This sweet romance is full of unexpected babysitting, holiday decorations, and no small amount of pining. Look for surprise appearances from popular side characters and the occasional strategic application of italics.

The Supernatural Society novellas stand alone and may be read in any order. But if you’re a stickler, this story chronologically follows Imprudence, and ties specifically to events in Timeless. You can read what happens next to the London Pack and find out Channing's backstory in How to Marry a Werewolf. And if you want more gay werewolves, there's Gail's San Andreas Shifters series written under G. L. Carriger.

Delicate Sensibilities?

Contains men who love other men and have waited decades to do so.

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