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The Christmas Scramble *SIGNED* by Alexis Buxton

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One holiday season, twelve chances to get her fling-turned-roommate to fall in love with the Christmas spirit...and her. Macy Miller loves two things: love and the holidays. But after dating has constantly crushed her, Macy swears off relationships, and finding love, during her junior year at Central Texas University. Or so she thinks... Gregg Carlton hates two things: not being able to play golf and the holidays. Growing up the only child of two workaholic parents, the holidays were just another day spent at home, typically alone. Gregg's sudden health scare has him questioning life as he knows it during his junior year at CTU when he finds himself sidelined from the golf team. When one day of golf scrambles their plans, Gregg finds himself living with the girl he's been casually seeing. Will Macy be able to make Gregg a believer in the Christmas spirit? Or will her love for the holidays turn him away?

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