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The Potter (The Hands of the Potters) by Kristy Marie

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From bestselling author Kristy Marie comes a brand new witty standalone about a grumpy doctor and his hopeful patient who find love in the unlikeliest of places... the exam room.

A brilliant surgeon.

A master sculptor.

The media touted Dr. Potter as a savior dressed in a crisp suit.

I think he's a vicious madman of jerk-sized proportions.

But fate is a wicked tease.

Only Dr. Potter can give me what I need.

A fresh start.

A new identity.

But he refused, leaving me to take matters into my own hands by accepting a job as his partner's new secretary.

Dr. Potter can't turn down my case forever.

Or at least I thought so until I found him on the floor.



With a venomous warning... I failed to heed.

The Potter is a standalone grumpy-sunshine rom-dramedy.

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