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The Untamed by K. Webster

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I live in the Alaskan wild with my family because it's where I belong.

Safe. Loved. Protected. Happy.

Beyond our home is a violent, ruled society I don't ever care to encounter.

My oldest brother already went that route, and it ruined him.

Being around strangers means heartache, pain, and misery.

I'll stick with what I know because that doesn't hurt.

All I need are my siblings.

They're my best friends.

Life is fun with them.

Together, we're free in the wild.

But the wilderness is also the home of predators.

Bears, bad weather, sickness.

Other people.

We thought we could live alone and unmolested by the latter.

We were so wrong.

With their sudden presence, everything about our lives is challenged.

Loyalties become twisted.

Hearts get tangled in the chaos.

Feelings and urges cross impossible lines there's no coming back from.

Bewildering. Depraved. Perverted. Dark. Vile.

My secret desires are wrong.

They threaten everything I hold so dear.

I could fight against it if I were alone in these forbidden thoughts.

I'm not.

We're in this together.

Our love is untamed.

And we are the unruly.

***The Untamed is a second generation forbidden romance in the Wild World taking place on the timeline after The Wild and The Free. While it's not necessary to have read the other two books, please note these characters are the children of Daddy Reed from The Wild. You'll see all of the characters from The Wild and The Free in The Untamed. Please read trigger warnings before proceeding.***

Content Warning

Please be warned that this story contains incestuous relationships, voyeurism, sexual assault, and domestic violence of a side character, murder, and other scenes or themes that could be triggering to some readers. Read with caution.

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