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Weight of Regret (Camp Bexley) by K.K. Allen

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Anderson Bexley was the love of my life…or so I thought.

For years, I convinced myself that one day he would see me as more than the bubbly activities director at his family’s campground.

Sure, he was ten years older.

Deeply tortured.

And far too devoted to the family business to make time for his own happiness.

But none of that mattered. Especially after one blissful night when he was all mine.

I thought our forever had finally begun, but he broke my heart instead.

A year later, I’m moving on.

In a new city.

At a new job.

With a new man.

Add in the fact that I just landed my first big account, and things can’t possibly get better.

Until I hear my first client is none other than Anderson Bexley.

Now, I’m heading back to a place I had once called home.

Back to Camp Bexley.

Back to him.

Only this time, I’m determined to walk away on my own terms…with my heart intact.

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