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Brooklyn Cupid: A Hidden Identity Roommate Romance by Lexi Ray

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Bounty hunting can be dangerous, but Jace Reed is used to danger and always follows the rules. Including the most important one—never get emotionally involved.

But everything goes haywire when the Brooklyn “it girl” interrupts his most important assignment.

Beautiful Lucy Moor may or may not hold the only clue to the target that Jace has been tracking for months. So becoming her roommate to get the intel from her should be easy… right?

But nothing is easy when his simple organized life collides with hers.

His most important rule? Broken as soon as he moves in.

His self-control? Gone with the first taste of her lips.

His sanity? Shattered when he discovers her secret.

And her secret is, oh, so spicy!


Lu’s life is chaos. She’s an artist by day and a closet spicy romance writer by night. And she doesn’t always make the best decisions.

So what does she do when a stranger saves her life? Offers him a room for rent.

Smart? Not so much. But she’s in need of money, and Jace Reed, the quiet and charming salesman, seems perfect. So are his kind eyes. And his toned body. His gorgeous smile and soft voice. Perfect for… a book boyfriend!

Struggling with a writer’s block, Lucy decides that she’ll do just that—use her charming roommate for inspiration.

And he’ll never find out.

Nor will she catch feelings while she’s at it.

She won’t. No.

Absolutely not.


** Brooklyn Cupid is a slow burn standalone romance with a golden retriever hero who reads spicy romance and a HEA.

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