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I Went on an Adventure and All I Got Was This Barbarian Orc: Chapter 5 by Jennifer Cody

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I honestly thought passing through the ward to the freezing land of Gwafellaw would be more miserable than it turns out to be. Who has time to be miserable when everything in the land wants to kill you? No one, that’s who.

Between fighting dragons, finding a new species, and saving a crazy druid, Berklak and I are learning exactly what it means to be anchored, tied together, bonded, and in love. We’re going to defeat the aelysou hurting Fasgard no matter what it takes, because I’m the high sorcerer of Fasgard and the most powerful necromancer alive. I won’t let anything separate me from the love of my life—not my father, not a goddess, not even death.


I’ve been adventuring for over fifty years, and I’ve adventured in Gwafellaw before, but I’ve never seen so much hostility. The only good thing walking this land is Lawton, and I’d follow him to the portals of death herself if that’s where he wanted to go.

I might not be sure exactly what we’re going to find in this frozen wasteland, but if it’s not my happily ever after, I won’t have done my job right. I’m proficient in weapons, and I’m confident we’ll prevail, but it’s a good thing we have Lawton to keep us from permanently making the ultimate sacrifice. I’d hate for him to lose me before we even figure out where we’re going to live after this.

I Went on an Adventure and All I Got Was This Barbarian Orc is a five chapter serial fantasy adventure with a light-hearted, fun TTRPG vibe. Expect big magic, lots of cuddles, plenty of steam, and a team of characters that might not get a natural 20 on every roll, but they make up for it with creative solutions to both magical and mundane problems.

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