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The Alpha of Bleake Isle (Dragonkin) by Kathryn Moon

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He's waited half a century to choose an omega.

Lord Ronson Cadogan can stall no longer. He needs an omega and he needs an heir.

Settled on the obvious perfect choice, and determined to see his fate through, Ronson can't afford to wait for the next ceremony to claim what he is owed. If only he was more excited about the match.

They call her the mouse.

Mairwen Posy knows precisely who the Alpha of Bleake Isle will choose, and it certainly isn't her. In fact, it's so predictable it's almost boring.

Resigned to her fate of disappearing into the background, Mairwen takes the role of observer, distracting the ache of being left out with the entertainment of dragonkin society's unfolding stories.

All is as expected, until the sudden twist in a familiar plot sends Mairwen in the least likely direction, right into the arms of the alpha.

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