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Waiting for Sunshine (Nashville Nights) by Sarah Pirtle

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If there's one thing Shane Thompson and Max Mullins have in common, it's that they've both suffered enough loss to last a lifetime, but the similarities stop there.

Max: Being a former Navy seal who's endured more loss than I care for, I've been cautious about who I let into my life. I've spent years closed off to the idea of love, and don't bother letting anyone get close enough to ever have to fear losing them. I've got my dog and my best friend; I don't need anyone else. Or at least that's what I thought until Shane Thompson rolled into town. With an untimely run-in, every belief I've set in place for myself begins to crumble slowly. I find solace in her I've never experienced and feel a connection with her I never set out to make.

Shane: Being cheated on, leaving my dream job and moving across the country to avoid being homeless really tested my ability to stay optimistic through any situation. But that's what I do, look for the bright side. Running into Max Mullins was another test that I did not study for. He may have started as the grump who ruined my favorite sweatshirt, but he's quickly becoming so much more. I am finding myself trusting him and falling for him more every time I am around him. But when someone from my life in San Francisco shows up threatening what we've become, Max makes a decision he'll soon regret.

Now the only question is, can he rectify his hasty decision and mend what's been broken?

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