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Yours To Be by Emily Silver

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I asked a sexy stranger to be my fake fiancé...and he said yes! Small-town politics aren't my thing. All I want is to run my store in peace, without interference from the town's busybodies. And the mayor. Otherwise known as my ex-husband. But I'm not that lucky. Disapproving glances. Disparaging comments. Outright hostility to my face. With my store-and my reputation-on the line, I'll do anything to save it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Including asking Simon Belvy to be my fake fiancé. I didn't think he'd agree to my outrageous plan. Except, he did. But it's all pretend, right? He's my knight in shining armor. An unexpected ally. With every stolen glance and tender touch, our connection deepens. Lines blur. And then? We're obliterating every rule we ever made. This is only temporary. It's not real. Will Simon tear down the walls around my heart? Or will he shatter it in the process? This whole fake engagement might not be so fake after all...

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