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I'm Engaged to Mothman (Mothman in Love) by Paige Lavoie

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Heather's cozy life with her cryptid boyfriend just got a little more complicated.

When 23-year-old Heather started dating Mothman, she anticipated a few surprises. Getting transported to the faerie realm he was banished from? Yeah, that was a surprise.

Heather was sure dating a forest monster meant she wouldn't have to impress his family, but faced with the royal court of Eclipsica, she realizes things might not be so simple.

The former influencer must trade her quiet #cottagecore aesthetic for a lavish #royalcore week in a new world filled with creatures, ballgowns, and secrets. With Moth's family to impress, old friends resurfacing, and his memories returning, Heather begins to question their future. As the grand ball gets closer and Moth creeps out of bed in the middle of the night, Heather can't help but wonder: can their cozy cottage in the woods compete with a castle?

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