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Strung Along (Cherry Peak) by Hannah Cowan

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Love. Sucks.

I don't know where I went wrong. Whether it was letting a man convince me that suddenly, the things I've never wanted are right for me, or if simply believing the best in the person who I wasted three years of my life on was what lead me here.

To Cherry Peak. A small town nestled in the heart of Alberta, Canada.

The hometown of rising country star, Brody Steele.

It only takes one brief encounter to mark him as a broody jerk. An all-knowing, arrogant celebrity with a complex I don't have the energy for.

But if I truly dislike him the way I've convinced myself I do, then why am I always looking for him in crowded rooms? Why are his surprisingly thoughtful gestures melting the wall of ice I've stuck between us?

Cherry Peak was supposed to be my fresh start, a place to heal and rebuild. Yet, just as I begin piecing my life back together, Brody's preparing to leave, as if he hasn't become a vital part of that journey.

The thought of losing him keeps me up at night. I don't know if we'll ever be able to find our footing, or if we were just stringing each other along the whole time.

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