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The Art of Avoiding Your Werewolf by Lola Glass

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I almost hooked up with a werewolf... but before we got to third base, he dragged me off to jail.

Apparently, he's the leader of the pack in town.

The fact that I'm an illegal blood wolf-a vampire/werewolf hybrid-doesn't help my case.

And he didn't appreciate me accidentally biting him when we were kissing, either.

Luckily, or unluckily, he seems to think I'm his true mate, which means he won't let anyone hurt me.

But he also won't let me go.

Between his possessiveness, my need to be near him, and the vampire clan hunting me, one thing's becoming clear:

I won't be able to avoid my werewolf forever.

*This is a steamy, fun, full-length standalone romance with a happily ever after!

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