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The Love You Fight For (Next Life) by Brit Benson

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The mask she wears for the world is flawless.
But I want the mess that she hides underneath.

Samantha Harper is untouchable.

She’s the closest thing we have to royalty in my small town.
Daughter of a senator.
Richer than sin.
Classy, elegant, and
Ice cold.

She’s my polar opposite.
And unfortunately,
She’s exactly my type.

Too bad royalty doesn’t fraternize with peasants.

Until one night,
Samantha Harper finds herself at my mercy,
and the temptation to dirty up her flawless facade is too great.

When her perfect mask slips,
It’s not an ice princess I find beneath,
But a warrior in war-torn armor.
A snake in queen’s clothing.

All it takes is one night, and I’m determined.
She will never have to fight another battle alone.


The Love You Fight For is the third book in the Next Life world.
It has a guaranteed HEA. While The Love You Fight For can be read as a standalone, it is recommended that you first read the Next Life duet to fully appreciate the story.

A detailed list of Content Warnings can be found on the author's website.

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