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Visions of Fire by Jana Sun

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Visions of Fire is the captivating second installment of the bewitching urban fantasy Seer's Blessing trilogy, where Jack's future and Diego's heart hang in the balance.

Jack, now a Priestess blessed by the Seer goddess, is trapped in Obius, the land of magic. Along with an unexpected companion, she must find her way back to the world she once knew. Jack yearns to be reunited with Diego, but they must confront a perilous journey through Diego's decimated home, Trellis. 

Diego, still struggling with his shattered heart, embarks on the quest to rescue Jack from Obius with the help of her friends. With every step closer to Jack, his resolve grows stronger, even as he uncovers the truth about Snapdragon, the woman he once loved. 

As the Rainbow Forest smolders beneath a devastating fire, Jack embraces her burgeoning powers, becoming a glimmer of hope for Obius. While searching for a way to heal the forest and restore balance to Obius, the malevolent prior Priestess, Snapdragon, stands in their way, wielding dark, deadly forces and isn't afraid to leave Trellis in even more ashes. 

It's Priestess versus Priestess: Jack and Diego must unite their magic to have any chance against Snapdragon. With the fate of both realms hanging in the balance, they must unlock the depths of the Seer's Blessing within, as they face Snapdragon in a final showdown that will determine the future of Obius and their own eternal love. 

Visions of Fire is a breathtaking tale of muddy prophecies, untamed magic, and the unbreakable bonds that span across dimensions. Join Jack and Diego on their perilous journey as they defy the odds, unravel Diego's past, and embrace a future that surpasses their wildest imaginations.

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