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Visions of Kings: The Seer's Blessing: Book 3 by Jana Sun

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In the riveting conclusion to the mystical Seer's Blessing trilogy, Visions of Kings, Priestess Jack Hawthorne embarks on a perilous journey with her love, Diego. Together, they enter the scarred magic realm of Obius, plagued by the malevolent Priestess Snapdragon.

As the burnt forest weeps and Diego's homeland, Trellis, lies in ruins, Jack and Diego navigate twisted paths of magic and fate, uncovering secrets to mend the shattered land. A glimmer of hope emerges as Diego's long-lost brother reappears, adding mystery to their quest.

The ultimate confrontation looms as Jack, guided by the benevolent Seer Goddess, faces the source of her power in a heart-stopping showdown. Destiny weaves a tapestry of love, sacrifice, and resilience as Jack and Diego race to restore Trellis and heal Obius. In Visions of Kings, the characters confront their darkest fears, unveiling the power to change fate. Will Jack's magic be enough to save Obius? The stakes are high, and the fate of both realms rests in the hands of those ready to defy the ending written for them.

Are you ready to see how their story ends?

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