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Hi, I'm Megan, the girl behind the designs.  What started out as me making a few bags here and there has grown into this amazing small business that I truly love. It still blows my mind every time someone buys something I have poured my heart into. I am a -mostly- one woman job. I have an amazing husband who helps when he isn't helping wrangle our kids, but besides that it's just me.

This company is a one-woman show (for now) and I am hella proud of that.

As of December 2020 I have made over 10,000 items and worked with hundreds of Authors and Book Box Clients. We have packed and mailed over 2500 orders and that number grows with every restock. Thanks for rocking and shopping, friends. I couldn't do this without you.

The book world rocks.

The small business book world? Even better.

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