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Hi y'all,
I'm Megan and I am the girl behind the bag! I started blogging in 2009 and my goal was to start a website for the bed and breakfast I eventually wanted to own. I figured a good way to start was reviewing my old books. Well That little idea exploded and became Novel Grounds. After a few terrible design ideas we became the blog you see today.
In 2015 I made myself a bag to use as an instagram prop because I couldn't find a cute bag with an outlander quote on it. I started getting messages about where I got the bag and the rest is history.  What started as me making a few bags here 
and there has grown into this amazing small business that I truly love.
It still blows my mind every time someone buys a bag.
I pride myself on the fact that every item I sell is hand crafted. The bags come to me a blank canvas and they leave my care being products that showcase my love of the literary word. I create every single design you see.  
I design it, I cut and apply the vinyl, I press it, and I package it.
I am a -mostly- one woman job. I have an amazing husband who helps when he isn't helping wrangle our kids, and I have an amazing support system comprised of other small shops and my product reps, but at the end of the day it is me. But trust me, nothing about this job is lonely like I made that sound. Its wonderful and full of the most amazing people.
The book world rocks.
The small business book world? Even better.
This company is a one woman show (for now) and I am hella proud of that.
As of the end of 2020 I have made over 10,000 items and worked with hundreds of Bulk clients. We have packed and mailed over 2500 orders and that number grows with every restock. Thanks for rocking guys. I couldn't do this without you.
This December we moved from a Wordpress blog with an Etsy shop over to a fully functioning Shopify platform on our website.
I hope this new change is the start of great things!

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