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Hi, I'm Megan, the girl behind the designs. Novel Grounds is a literary inspired company that started with a girl and her love of books, and has grown into a team of romance obsessed readers. 

We want every reader to feel as if they’ve stepped into the world of their favourite book and to share that joy with others through their clothing.

Our theme, bringing books to life, really embodies our business and tells you exactly what we hope to do. We want to bring your favorite fictional places to life, and allow you to show that love to everyone you meet. Fandoms unite! 

We started on Etsy making just small accessory bags, and in the last few years have grown into full product lines on our website, and collaborations with over 75 of our favorite authors, and countless other bookish companies. 

We currently carry clothing, bags, stickers, keychains, patches, and various other accessories. We can’t wait for you to see what comes next and we hope you find even one item in our shop that speaks to your bibliophile soul. 

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