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Court of Winter (Fae of Snow & Ice) by Krista Street

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When Ilara’s abducted by the hated crown prince, she’s faced with an impossible choice—enslavement to her nemesis or war for the kingdom.

Being a defective marks me in the eyes of the Solis Fae.

Wingless. Magicless. Weak.

To my kind, I’m nothing—not when strength is needed to survive the perpetual snow and ice that shrouds our northern continent in endless winter.

But I’ve persevered, living a meaningful yet simple life with my sister . . . until the hated Crown Prince of the Winter Court thunders into our village.

Prince Norivun’s massive black wings and potent magic cloud my senses and steal my breath. He’s beautiful yet brutal, so when he whisks me away and locks me in his castle I’m certain my death is tomorrow’s promise.

Yet my end doesn’t come, not when the prince looks at me with hunger in his gaze while revealing the true reason for my abduction.

Now I’m faced with an impossible choice—either join forces with the hated prince who’s robbed me of everything I love or watch our kingdom start a devastating war.

Court of Winter is book one in a four-book enemies-to-lovers fae fantasy romance that takes place in Krista Street’s Supernatural World . This series contains steamy romance, a strong female fae who refuses to bow, a morally gray prince whose brutality knows no bounds, and a deadly tangle of royal strife and intrigue.

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