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Forbidden: Part Two (Luna & Sol Omegaverse) by Emilia Emerson

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Just when I'd finally allowed myself to hope, I’m plunged right back into the darkness.The past few weeks with her alphas have been a dream for Josie, but her newfound freedom is short-lived. Robbed of her autonomy, retraumatized, and disempowered, she finds herself struggling not to fall apart. Again.Cam, Theo, and Ben are desperate to help Josie as they feel her slipping away. But just as their love and care starts to clear the shadows, the pack comes up against an alpha with a long-held obsession for their fated mate — and a plan that threatens more than just one life.As the cracks start to show in the Designation Government, they become increasingly desperate in the struggle to fight off the Alliance’s advances. And they’re determined to make an example of all omegas who refuse to fall in line.Stripped of everything she cares about, Josie must choose between bowing to authority and reclaiming what’s hers: a life with the loving alpha pack who has always seen her strength and power.Forbidden: Part Two is a first-person, multiple POV Why Choose omegaverse romance with a curvy FMC and her cinnamon roll alpha pack. Featuring high-spice MFMM scenes and a suspenseful plot, this book delivers the happily ever after following Forbidden: Part One.
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