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Garden of Echoes and Ash by J. Ember Hintz

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Resurrecting humans is forbidden…

As a reaper, Renae Martin is duty bound to protect the secrets of the afterlife, even if it means stealing memories and devouring a few souls. Her ravenous gift, however, has always had a mind of its own. She’ll need to keep it on a tight leash if she wants to pass her probation and avoid being sent back to the sensory deprived hell that awaits her if she fails.

Too bad Renae’s gift has other plans. Gods help her, because it wants him—the man she accidentally brought back to life.

Now she’s stuck inside his head and will do anything to sever their psychic connection before it jeopardizes her mission, her sanity, and her self-control.But there’s more to Liam Riley than his stormy personality and filthy imagination. He’s determined to unravel Renae’s secrets one by one to get to the truth behind his near-death experience.

When things heat between them, Renae must decide where her loyalties lie—with the clandestine organization that owns her, or with the man who wants to teach her what it means to be alive.

Either way, one of their souls will burn.

An entrancing contemporary fantasy romance for fans of fated mates, the supernatural, and scorching slow burns.

Previously published as The Ash Gardeners by J. Ember Hintz

Publisher’s Note: This book contains mature themes and graphic content intended for an adult audience. Reader discretion is advised. Please visit the author’s website for a complete list of CWs.

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