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Order of Scorpions by Ivy Asher

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Six years ago, I awoke in a cage with no knowledge of who I was or where I’d come from.Six years ago, I was spared the flesh markets and instead thrown in with a group of savages, where I learned it was fight or die.Now, eight Orders of Assassins are converging on the only home I’ve ever known. All in hopes of purchasing new blade slaves for their ranks.I’m for sale, yet all I want is a life far from death and ownership. Then I meet them, the Order of Scorpions.Their allure is a threat to the freedom I crave, but I won’t fall victim to their sting, no matter how tempting it might be.They want to own me, to claim me, but the Scorpions have no idea what they’ve bargained for.They’re about to learn what venom flows in my veins. I don’t just bite…I destroy.This book is a dark fantasy romance. It contains graphic violence, strong language, explicit romance, and other content that could be triggering. Please see the author's note inside for a more detailed description of content concerns. Order of Scorpions is a Why Choose standalone story.

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