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Signs of Cupidity by Raven Kennedy

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I’m going to find my own true love even if it kills me.You'd think being in charge of love would be an epic job, right?Wrong.Sure, I’m a cupid, so I can blow Lust into people's faces and watch the show, but I can't actually participate. It gets old, trust me. Same goes for love. I can pass it out like sugar-free lollipops at a dentist's office, but I can't get any for myself.I'm stuck in this never-ending afterlife where I'm invisible, lonely, and bitter. And yeah, I'm probably responsible for some terrible matchmaking out there. But can you blame a girl?Apparently, my cupid bosses can, because I get exiled to the fae world. And while I’m here, I accidentally attack a fae prince with Love Arrows. But hey, he deserved it.What I didn't expect was for him to retaliate, and that I’d be pushed into the physical realm.That's right. This cupid just got a real body. And you know what that means. Now, it's my turn to get some.Love, I mean. Wink, wink.Author's Note: This is a slow-burn why choose fae-fantasy romcom, where the FMC will end up with multiple mates. It includes explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18 years and older. This series is complete.

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