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Space for Love: A Sweet and Spicy Sci Fi Romance (Spire Station) by Emily Antionette

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A human starting over light years from home….

Accepting a job on Spire Station sounded great in theory. Now that I’m on an enormous alien space station with no humans in sight, I’m questioning the sanity of that choice.

But it’s not all bad. When my best friend Mezli tricks me into using a pleasure sim, I find an unexpected connection with Breks, the intriguing alien running the sim. He’s everything I’d want in a partner—charming, empathetic, and so damn sexy.

The only problem? He hides behind a holo and refuses to let me see his true form. For all I know, he could be a sentient ooze, but I’m too far gone to care. I want him no matter what he looks like. Now I just have to find a way to prove it.

An alien desperate to forget his heartbreak…

When I took a job at SimTech Suites, I’d planned to use pleasure sims to escape any thoughts of my ex. However, a far more enticing source of distraction shows up—a purple-haired human named Fina with the body of a goddess and shy, delightful wit to match. Too bad I’m nothing like the attractive holo I use for my job. I’m a seladin with sharp teeth, brutal claws, and menacing features that terrify most aliens.

Her uneasy reaction after our chance meeting out on the station only confirms that I can never show her my true form. No matter how desperate I am to make her mine.

Space for Love is a cozy sci-fi romance featuring a plus-size FMC, a monstrous alien MMC, and enough spice to keep you warm even in the coldness of space.

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