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The Devil of London (Red Flag Series) by Amelia Hutchins

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Three hundred years ago, I screwed up. I walked into the Sinner’s Den and set it on fire. In doing so, I’d crossed the Devil of London. And the devil does not forgive easily. Worse than that? He always comes to collect his debts. So, when Khaos Nasir appeared at my house, I thought he’d demand my life. Instead, he demanded my soul for eternity.
Now, I intended to topple his entire empire of sin down on his seductive, narcissistic head. Soon, he’ll understand why queens are a power piece on the chessboard. I’m about to remind him just how much damage an angry, vindictive woman can do.
Before humans walked the earth, Aderyn and I were creatures of darkness. She thinks I recently claimed her soul, but she has always been mine. Then the gods made her forget, punishing us both when she crossed them; allowing us to be near, but never together. Now, I planned to do anything to break the cycle and get her back for good. Even if the gods prevented me from giving her what she craved.

This book is not suitable for anyone under 18. It contains subject matter and scenes which may be difficult to read. Please see the authors warning inside cover before proceeding.

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