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The Gargoyle from General Management (Claws & Cubicles) by Kate Prior

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A siren in heat, a gargoyle who keeps getting under her skin, and an inescapable work trip...

Gwen doesn't want anyone to know she's a siren. She doesn't want anyone to know she's terrible at her job either.

Perhaps least on her list of priorities, Gwen would also like to avoid the gargoyle who saw her vibe in the TSA check. Except, the very same gargoyle is the new manager she has to work with, and he's going to the same corporate retreat she is. He reminds her too much of her past and exactly the career-driven sort of guy she can't stand from Fortune 666 companies.

When things start to heat up between them, Gwen's afraid he's going to learn all her secrets, but when he offers to help feed her siren appetite, she can't resist mixing business with pleasure.

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