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The Healer (Century) by Tania L. Ramos

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The Healer: A Century Series is a dystopian fictional novel loosely based on a true story. Set after the next Great World War within new boundary lines of the Western High Desert, Talora, a tincurest and Healer, finds herself as a key piece to an ancient murder of an Egyptian god. Her introverted life in this smog filled and barren land becomes full of charismatic characters. She quickly learns her life, and that of her new best friend Vexin, are tied into centuries of warriors before them. Alongside a Widow, who can kill people with her mere touch, the women find themselves within one man's web of deceit. A man who has endured centuries to find Talora and Vexin, and the ancient warriors they encompass, to seek his revenge. What he finds is a small army of misfits with superhuman gifts ready to do battle at Talora's side.

This story is filled with strong female protagonists searching for inner strength. A tale of friendship in strange places. Morally gray characters who find that sometimes doing the wrong thing for the right reasons makes the most sense. Follow the untold lore from ancient Egypt's gods into a dystopian society to find lost loves, forgotten names, villainous secrets, and a whole new entity that will thrust book two into a new mythological realm. Not everybody is who they seem. And not all heroes win.

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