Can I order a custom bag?

We are not currently doing single custom orders. The minimum for a custom order is 100 units or for design commissions only.

Who do you make Licensed Items for?

We work with a variety of authors! You can see these designs in the Book Inspired Designs Collection, and this is always expanding. We primarily feature authors on the website that my team or I have personally read and loved, but I am always open to meeting new authors and collaborating.

Not all authors work hand in hand with us on their designs or have a licensing contract in place, however all items are made with permission from the authors. All bulk orders for boxes must have permission from the authors to commission work from us.

I want to place a bulk order?

Please see below and email us at for more information.

Can you carry my bags in your shop?

We have worked with a variety of authors on pre-orders for the shop and on carrying licensed designs! If you want to run a pre-order for your group or team, or set up licensing, please email me at or fill out the contact form below. We are currently booking a few months out. We do not however carry designs long term for books we haven't read. This is to keep continuity for my customers.

We have worked with a variety of book boxes from YA to Romance and way too many authors to count. We would love to partner to create an item perfect for your event release or box.

  • All designs, unless pre-designed by the author or company, remain copyrighted to Novel Grounds.
  • 2 Month minimum is needed for ordering of items and production. 
  • Final count and payment required before production.
  • We are currently doing one color processing for designs.
  • Please see for more example products
  • Prices do not include shipping or customs costs.
  • We do design commission on a case by case basis.

Updated 6/2022