Pre-Order: Club 22 by Tate James (Hades, 3) by Tate James
Pre-Order: Club 22 by Tate James (Hades, 3) by Tate James

Pre-Order: Club 22 by Tate James (Hades, 3) by Tate James

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Publisher Marketing:

From the author of the Madison Kate series comes the next in the dark and delicious interconnected Hades series, another biting "why choose" romance in Shadow Grove.

"I wasn't fighting this war with Chase alone. I never had been, with Zed at my back. But this time I also had Cass and Lucas, and goddamn if we weren't a force to be f***ing reckoned with."

They say to keep your enemies close, and mine are all around me. At the heart of it are four dangerously gorgeous men: The man who wants to light my darkness and has already paid the price for loving me. The man who can handle my power and loves every dark inch of me. The man who has been my closest companion, and now threatens to upend our carefully balanced world in pursuit of me.

But the fourth man is probably the most terrifying, because he wants to take the others away from me. He wants to tear the spinal column out of the empire I've built. Destroy my businesses. Destroy me.

Why? Because this man should have stayed dead, but he didn't, and now he wants revenge. He will stop at nothing until he's carved out my bloody, beating heart and left me broken.

But he should remember who he's dealing with.

I'm not the girl he knew anymore, and I will never let him have what's mine.


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