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A Chef Apart (One of the Boys) by Teresa Crumpton

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Four years ago Trey Griffin lost the love of his life becoming a widower. After losing Joe, he swore off relationships, only pursuing hookups. But with his friends and business partner all finding love and urging him to try again, he's opening a door he'd thought would stay closed.Abigail Grace Saintsbury, Grace, is an event planner, more specifically a wedding planner. She co-owns BDSM - Brides, Diners, Socials & Mixers her event planning business with her twin sister and business is booming. One of her most memorable weddings to date was Trey's best friends and business partners. In fact, she just got hired by another one of his friends and business partners. After two previous encounters, one dance and a blind date, Trey can't deny his attraction to Grace. The only question is will their differences bring them together or push them apart?

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