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A Clash of Embers: Clash Series (The Clash Series) by Britt Stark

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Everyone’s lives sit in a precarious balance, except Clara Artesia’s. Being a pawn in everyone else’s game forced her to make a choice between two men, and a final decision that would destroy her. Clara will continue her journey of self-discovery while learning of the true world in which she belongs.

The world of Darthium and its secrets have been frozen in time, but now it has been liberated from the curse that once bound it. Clara must join forces with a man whom she doesn’t trust in order to find the truth. After reconnecting with friends, Clara knows she must trust herself, but her tender heart makes it difficult when the truth about her mate surfaces.

In this captivating, action-packed sequel to A Clash of Stars, Britt Stark connects the past with the present, unleashing the unexpected on everyone and everything that exists in Darthium.

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