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Ace: (Down We Go Book 3) by Kyla Faye

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I’m the one who is always in the shadows.

The one who gets thrown away.

The freak, the outcast, the creep.

But no matter how much everyone has tried to make me disappear…

I’m still here.

And I won’t give up until I have the one anchor that’s guided me through every storm in my past…


The girl with the turquoise eyes and golden hair.

The object of every wet dream I’ve conjured up in my dark and disturbed mind.

The only problem?

She’s already got the men she wants.

But now, she’ll get the one she deserves, ready or not.

This is my story.

And I’m not sparring any of the dirty, gritty, fucked-up details on how it’s all gone down.


* This is NOT a standalone. Dollhouse and Ashes MUST be read before reading Ace.
* Ace is a dark romance novella. Reader discretion is advised.

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