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All My Kisses For You by Monica Murphy

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Monica Murphy goes back to Lancaster Prep with a new generation of Lancasters, kicking it off with the daughter of Crew and Wren from the BookTok sensation A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime…

Everyone loves Willow Lancaster.

She’s perfect. Perfect student, perfect style, perfect smile.

But when she returns to her beloved Lancaster Prep from a year abroad, everything has changed.

Her supposed best friend? Dating Willow’s longtime crush. The girls who worshipped her and wanted to be her? On to the new cliques―she’s old news.

And then there’s him. The new man on campus.

Rhett Bennett is gorgeous, charming…and 100% knows it.

He’s also the star quarterback and a player in every possible way.

Let’s just say the masses are OBSESSED.

Willow has always been the good girl. The one who behaves. She shouldn’t want him.

And taste of his kiss, and Willow is wondering if it’s time she changed, too. Maybe little miss perfect should be bad.

Just for him.

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