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Empire of Desire: Special Edition Print (Empire Series Special Edition) by Rina Kent

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NOTE: This is the special edition print of the book Empire of Desire. To find the ebook and audiobook, please look for the main edition.My forbidden husband.I kissed my father’s best friend and it kind of didn’t go well.Not only because he’s eighteen years older than me—but he also didn’t like it.Not one bit.In my defense, I didn’t mean to fall for him. It just happened.Nathaniel Weaver is the most attractive man I’ve ever seen with enough charisma to blind the sun.He’s bigger than the world, owns half of it and conquered the other half.He was forbidden.Wrong.So I totally got over him. Or so I told myself.Until we’re forced to get married.Now I’m trapped.But maybe he’s trapped too.Because we’re both reaching for that forbidden fruit dangling between us.Empire of Desire is a complete STANDALONE. No other books should be read prior to this.

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