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House of Vampires and Flame: Brides Selection (Shades of Ruin and Magic) by Meg Xuemei X

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They say monsters are made.

I was born with an angelic face and a cursed talent. When I pass through the land, earth scorches and colors bleed out—at the command of my father, the God of Ruin. I escaped his prison, only to stumble upon a dangerous school ruled by five ruthless heirs. Girls fight to fall into their laps, even though they’re all hot mess assholes.

My name is Barbie, but the vampire prince calls me “Little Bob,” mistaking me for a boy. I roll with the punches and pose as a servant boy in the House of Vampires to hide from my father. I try my best to fly under the radar, but the Fates keep tossing me into the path of the cruel princes.

That’s how I bump into Killian, the dark, enigmatic, and most powerful heir. I want him, but he’s the forbidden fruit. He’s drawn to me too, like a moth to a flame. When he doesn’t like the burn, he rips off my bodice to betray my secret and forces me to enter the cutthroat game of the Brides Selection.

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