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How Not To Date A Dragon by Lana Kole

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Milo is no stranger to the fine things, so why in the world would he deny himself the finest thing he’s ever seen across the small bar in his even smaller home town?
Spoiler alert: he doesn’t, and his curiosity leaves him cuffed to one of the Hunters of Obscure Artifacts.
The HOA’s magic cuffs leave him unable to don his scales and his dragon itches for freedom.
Trapped hand in hand with his supposed mortal enemy, that’s not the only itch Milo would mind scratching.
Xander, however, has other plans. They need this dragon’s treasure, because that’s what hunters do.
But ever since the Big Reveal, torturing dragons for their treasure is outlawed. A minor complication, and one that requires the kinds of creative solutions Xander excels at.
They’ll do almost anything to secure this treasure, and get unchained from the all too charming dragon it belongs to.
Is there any line a desperate treasure hunter won’t cross?
Join them on their journey to freedom and discover if X really does mark the spot in this delightful rom com.

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