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KID by Jescie Hall

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From author Jescie Hall comes this heart-wrenching tale of addiction and a transcendent love that fights despite adversity in this spin-off instant attraction romance.

Addiction is my weakness.
A cruel temptress that follows me wherever I go.
Slowly dragging me down until I drown.

Until she shows up.

My life preserver in this ocean of drugs and madness.

She’s a total enigma, as chaotic as they come.
A vixen who lives her life without limits.

But her demons are greater than mine.
And they threaten to drown her right alongside me.

I need her as much as she needs me.

We can either hang on and save each other, or we can both sink into oblivion, letting our pasts, our memories, our addictions be the anchor that weighs us down.

Contains mature content, including heavy drug use, self-inflicted pain, trauma, and graphic sexual content.

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