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Kings of Disaster: The Complete Series by Lola Glass

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This omnibus contains all four full-length novels and the final novella that complete the Kings of Disaster series by Lola Glass. Binge these connected standalones now for fun, steamy romance and hot fae!

Capturing the King of Flames-

I woke up in a magical world with a hot fae king who thinks I'm his mate. One moment, I'm asleep in my crappy apartment, having nightmares about the stack of overdue bills on my table. The next, I'm in an entirely different world, being told I've been magically married to a gorgeous, insane fae king who keeps looking at me like he wants to eat me... in one way or another.

Conquering the King of Storms-

I woke up in a magical world with a hot fae king who thinks I'm his mate. I've managed to avoid him for the most part, if you don't count the way his magic is constantly whispering dirty things in my ears.

Claiming the King of Quakes-

I'm trapped in a cave with a bunch of magic I can't control and a hot fae king who thinks we're soulmates. I've been avoiding him for months. Turning him down, and acting like I'm not attracted to the guy. But everything changes when I become a fae too, one with uncontrollable fire powers that threaten to take complete control.

Controlling the King of Floods-

I'm in a city full of fae who despise me because of my magic, with a mate who doesn't have time to see me. Yeah, it's been great.

Courting the King of Cliffs-

I ran away to live with the earth fae for a few days, and ended up sleeping in Granite's bed. It's not as hot as it sounds. At least, not at first.

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