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Knot Quite Ready (Cabria Fall Shifters) by Ruby Smoke

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When fur, claws, and fate collide, this omega's heart won't be easily tamed…

After escaping her old pack, Aneira discovers Cabria Falls, a Mixed Shifter Community that feels like home.
But just when she's enjoying her newfound peace and hard-earned freedom, a wolf pack snarls into town. And with it? An Alpha who smells like the stuff of nightmares and wet dreams combined. Furrr-ccckkkk.

Casimir is hell-bent on claiming Aneira as his fated Omega, but she's insisting that she's not about to be another notch on the rollercoaster of wolf-fanged destiny. Aneira can fight it all she wants but Casimir will chase her no matter where her paws take her.
Will Aneira resist Casimir's magnetic pull, or will she succumb to her desires and embrace her...reluctant... fate as his mate?

Wolves, and Horses and Bear…Shifters. Oh, My!!!
Welcome to the First Stand-alone Book within Cabria Shifter Falls Series
...Scratch Your Shifter Itch…

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